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Richard Chylinski, FAIA, has been helping Architectural professionals prepare for the licensing exams for nearly two decades.

Along with his more than 30-yr tenure as a Professor at Cal Poly, Pomona (teaching design, structures, seismic, environmental controls, and professional practice), Mr. Chylinski has helped hundreds of candidates prepare and pass the various parts of the licensing exams.

In addition to his career as a highly respected and award-winning Architect, Professor, and arbitrator, Mr. Chylinski's experience includes having helped grade portions of the exam in the past. This background makes Arch Exam Prep uniquely qualified as a key resource for accessibility coursework, and supplemental exam study material.




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Looking to avoid construction disputes ?

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Arbitration: Owner-Contractor-Design Professional

This book is a must read for anyone preparing for, involved in,
or looking to avoid construction-related arbitration.

With this book, you will learn to:
- Look for key language in construction contracts.
- Recognize the different roles of project participants.
- Anticipate problems before they occur.
- Understand the typical causes of disputes.
- Resolve problems without a formal process.
- How to proceed if formal dispute resolution is required.
- What to expect if your dispute results in arbitration.
- Find resources to assist in your project or dispute.

Construction-related disputes can cost thousands, or tens of
thousands of dollars.  Learn how to avoid, or better deal with
construction disputes and the arbitration process with our
information-packed book.

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For more information about the book, click here. 1